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As one of the highest accredited members of the Bosch Car Service Network, one of only 200 to have been given the highest award of Master Technician, Red Post Garage is has the knowledge and technical ability to service your Lotus Elise better than a main-dealer or chain. Our access to a huge range of training programmes and the best quality parts means that your Elise is in good hands when your bring it to us for a service.

The servicing we will recommend for your Elise will depend on your usage, whether you have any current warranties and your service history. If your Elise is still in warranty, we will service to the same service schedules as Lotus main-dealers, keeping your warranty intact, otherwise we will determine what your Elise needs and conduct one of our in-house Bosch services, examples of which are outlined below.

Call Red Post Garage today on 01803 812 389 or contact us online to book your Lotus Elise service.



Our Bronze service is a lubricant service and health check for your Elise.

Service Includes:

  • Check operation of exterior lights
  • Check operation of instrument warning lamps
  • Check horn
  • Check windscreen wiper and washer condition and operation
  • Top up windscreen washer reservoir with additive if required
  • Drain engine oil and refill
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check & advise general oil leaks
  • Check & advise coolant level and antifreeze strength
  • Check coolant hoses for leaks and condition, including header tank
  • Check timing belt replacement interval & report if due according to mileage/age
  • Check brake servo operation
  • Check & advise brake fluid level and boiling point
  • Top up brake fluid if required
  • Visual check of brake pads for wear or damage
  • Visual check of brake calipers for leaks and security
  • Visual inspection of brake discs, shoes and cylinders for wear or damage
  • Visual check of brake pipes and hoses
  • Check operation of handbrake
  • Check condition of road springs
  • Check power steering fluid reservoir
  • Check steering & suspension components for wear and corrosion
  • Check & adjust clutch operation
  • Check for transmission oil leaks
  • Check condition of clutch cable (where visible)
  • Check/advise condition of exhaust and mountings
  • Check tyre condition and tread depth (including spare)
  • Check & adjust tyre pressures (including spare)
  • Check wheel nut torque to manufacturerÂ’s specification
  • Reset vehicle service light where applicable
  • Stamp Service book



We suggest a Silver Service for your Elise every 12,000 miles or 12 months. Our Silver Elise servicing includes everything in our Bronze Elise Service, plus the below items.

Service Includes:

  • Check rear reflectors
  • Check illumination of dash and heater control lamps
  • Check battery condition and connections
  • Check door/bonnet lock operation and lubricate locks, hinges and catches
  • Check / advise pollen filter condition, replace if necessary
  • Check air conditioning system / temperature if applicable
  • Replace air filter
  • Top up antifreeze if required
  • Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (excluding timing belt)
  • Check & clean HT leads and components (if fitted)
  • Visual check of fuel system (including tank and cap)
  • Check security of handbrake linkages and travel and adjust if required
  • Check steering rack gaitors condition
  • Check shock absorber condition and mounting, report any leaks
  • Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise
  • Check drive shaft gaitors for security and report any leaks
  • Check gearbox fluid level manual / automatic differential (if applicable)
  • Carry out engine management system scan



We suggest a Gold Service for your Elise every 24,000 miles or 24 months. Our Gold Elise servicing includes everything in our Silver Elise servicing, as well as the below.

Service Includes:

  • Check headlight alignment
  • Test & advise alternator output and security
  • Replace fuel filter (if fitted and external from fuel tank)
  • Spark plugs changed according to mileage
  • Full car fault code read
  • Check/report on additive levels for Diesel vehicles (where applicable)
  • Remove all road wheels and check flanges and mountings
  • Expiry date for the puncture repair cannister (where applicable)
  • Reset vehicle service light where applicable
  • Reset Oil quality counter (Diesel vehicles)

Protect Your Lotus Warranty

If you have always serviced your Lotus at a main-dealer for fear of losing your warranty, rest assured that you no longer have to pay high main-dealer prices. If your Lotus is still in warranty, by using Red Post Garage to service your Lotus you will get the same service as at a Lotus main-dealer and it will not affect your Lotus warranty.

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